Going to the spa after breast surgery?

Massages are great to help relieve stress. Most people go to spas on a regular basis, and getting a massage is part of their routine. Undoubtedly, getting a good massage is always best, but not too soon after getting breast implants.

If you are used to getting massages and have undergone breast surgery, you may wonder when you can get a massage after your surgery. However, just like many of your normal activities, you need to hold off getting a massage after getting breast surgery.  

To make sure that you heal properly, you should avoid lying on your stomach for more than a few minutes during your recovery period (6-8 weeks). This is to ensure that your incision heals properly without any pressure added to it. Avoiding massage during this period is best.

When you get breast implants, there are issues around them that act as capsules which helps maintain the structure of the implants and keep it in place. The development of the tissues takes six weeks to complete. Note that everybody is different, and so the healing process. Others take less or more than six weeks.

So while the tissues have not yet been fully developed, you should avoid lying on your stomach. This is because when you lie on your stomach, the weight of your body plus the pressure you get from the massage will result in stretching or tearing the immature capsule. The implants will be lily displaced if this happens. Once the implants have become stable, it is safe to lie on your stomach and get a massage. Just to be sure, you should have yourself checked by your doctor and get a go signal from them before going to the spa just to make sure that it is safe.

So what can you do during the recovery period?

There are still massages that you can get which does not require you to lie on your stomach. You can get massages that focus on your head, legs and arms instead. Just make sure that you are comfortable positioned on your back. Also, tell the massage therapist to avoid putting pressure on your shoulder and chest area.

Aside from massages, there are other treatments from space that you have to avoid during the six weeks recovery period. These include skin treatments on your back, chiropractic treatment and other services that may require you to lie on your stomach.

Tips for stomach sleepers

Some people are comfortable with sleeping on their backs. However, there are also people who are used to sleeping on their stomachs. If you are one of these people and are planning to have a breast implant in sydney, then it would be good to practice sleeping on your back weeks prior to your surgery for you to get used to it. You can also try sleeping on our side. You will not be able to sleep in your stomach for six to eight weeks after your surgery, so make an effort to become a side or back sleeper during these times.

If you still sleep on your stomach after getting the surgery, the pressure that your breasts receive will lead to the displacement of the implants toward the sides of your body. If this happens, you may require to undergo surgery again.

In the end, we advise you to be cautious after getting breast implants, especially during your recovery period. If there are any activities or routines you want to try or do, just make sure it is safe to do them, and it won’t cause any problems in your body. If you are unsure how safe the activity is, it is best to visit your doctor and ask for advice.