How to get rid of mice and rats from your spa

A commercial space, especially space should be clean and comfortable. If you have a spa and wellness centre, you need to ensure that space is maintained properly and ensure good hygiene.

Maybe you just have reopened your spa after the pandemic began, so now is the best time to improve your strategy when it comes to cleanliness to make your customers feel safe and comfortable once they visit your spa.  You need to show them your cleaning and sanitation effort not only so they’d feel safe but also for them to come back to you and become your regular customers.

In this case, you should not allow disgusting pests such as rats and mice to invade your space.

Here are the things you can do to eliminate and prevent them from coming back.

Pest control service

For your wellness space, using household products is not enough to get rid of rats especially if you notice that these rodents are already living in your space. This kind of issue needs immediate attention, that is there is only one solution to this problem and that is getting help from a professional pest exterminator.

Hiring a professional pest controller in gordon to deal with this issue means getting the best results and minimising the risk of dealing the pests the worn way. Because if you do the treatment yourself by buying chemicals, you are risking yourself from being exposed to harmful chemicals that can damage your health.

When you hire professional pest controls service, they have a specialised plan that is set up to cater to your specific needs, in this case, your rat’s problem. There are also considerations that they take such as the size of your commercial space, the level of infestation and the long term solution after the procedure, the exterminators will continue to monitor your spa to ensure that the rats and mice are treated properly and prevent them from coming back.

If your spa is newly constructed, it would be best to get a pre-treatment procedure to avoid not only rat problems but also other pests issues from the beginning. 

Avoid food messes

When customers keep coming in and the place becomes busy, it is easier to have lunch in the space rather than going out to eat. Also, your customers probably will have some snacks in your space while waiting for their turn.

While this may be okay, eating inside the wellness spa will guarantee a messy area as there will be food crumbs and even liquid fall in the floor, in the chairs and other surfaces. 

Pests, especially rats, are attracted to this kind of a mess because they like to feed off from junks and leftovers. With food crumbs in your area, you are inviting some unwanted guests to infest your space. Rats are dirty and once they are inside your wellness spa, your space becomes unsanitary. Aside from doing, they become a threat to you and your employee’s health because rats are known to carry illnesses.

Train your staff on some best practices. What to do when a piece of your cookie falls? How do you deal with the spilled rink? Make them understand that pests like to invade a space especially if they feel invited. Ensuring that your space is clean and free from food scraps is a good remedy for eliminating the threat of rats and other pests.

Clean and sanitise

Make sure to maintain a healthy workplace especially for the benefit of your customers. Make it a habit to clean after eating and while waiting for customers to come in. If there is accumulated dirt and dust, make sure to remove them. 

Note that germs spread fast so give your surface a quick wipe using a safe antibacterial cleaning product. Also, keep hand sanitiser easily available for your employees and customers to avoid the spread of germs. The last thing you want is for your employees and customers to catch colds or flu in your space.

Your spa is a place where your workers spend time so it is a group effort to maintain the cleanliness of your place to avoid rats and other pests from infesting your space. Make them understand that space is not only your responsibility but theirs as well so take time to maintain it on a daily basis.

Maybe once in a while, you can hire a professional cleaner to conduct a thorough cleaning in your space to take care of the dirty work. Professional cleaners are professionally trained and they have special techniques in cleaning commercial spaces. They can clean your spa and make it spotless. 

In this new normal, most spa salon and other wellness businesses are maximising their cleanliness efforts. So don’t get behind and make your spa stand out by making your space clean, sparkling and welcoming. Make your customers feel safe in your space. 

Can spa help with nasal blockages?

If you are fighting sinus congestions or nasal blockage, especially during the cold season, then you are not alone. The pain that goes along with it can make you feel lousy. There is congestion, discharge, facial pain, pressure and headaches. Sinus congestion is commonly caused by allergies or the common cold. However, there are people who suffer sinus pain due to abnormal tissue growth inside the nose, uneven wall of tissues between nostrils, and another associated illness. This is called chronic sinusitis which affects nearly over 10% of the population.

To relieve sinus discomfort, you can take over the counter medication of the ones prescribed by your doctor. However, there is also another way to help ease the pain. There are spa treatments that can help alleviate the nasal blockage. These treatments might also help to relieve pressure and headaches.

Let’s look at some of these spa treatments that you can try.


This treatment is a natural way of healing that has been used for centuries worldwide. This method is used to treat various symptoms and conditions, including sinus congestion. This treatment used essential oils derived from herbs, spices and other plants. It’s a popular natural treatment that helps promote sinus drainage and unblock nasal blockage. Aromatherapy can work on its own or in combination with other spa treatments.

The best way to use essential oils for this kind of treatment is through inhalation. You can inhale essential oils in the following ways:

  • Direct inhalation – inhaling the essential oil directly from its bottle. You can also put a drop or two of the oil on your handkerchief, inhaler or cotton ball and then breathe it in.
  • Steam inhalation – you combine essential oil with hot water in a large pot or bowl to create therapeutic steam. Place your head over the steaming pot and cover your head with a towel. Breathe through your nose in two minutes at a time. Close your eyes while you do this process to prevent your eyes from being irritated.
  • Diffusers – Less potent of inhalation. Diffusers will release the oils throughout the air, allowing them to dilute before you can inhale them

Some of the common essential oils used in nasal congestion are lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree. These oils are known to ease inflammation in the nasal.

Massage therapy

Massaging the sinuses is believed to help sinus congestion and relieve the pressure. It can also help the sinus drain out mucus. The pressure that comes from the massage therapist may also help in promoting blood circulation to the nasal area. These are the four sinus areas that a massage therapist usually covers:

  • Frontal sinus – found in the centre of the forehead
  • Maxillary Sinus – located on either side of the nose, above the teeth and just below the cheeks
  • sphenoid sinuses – a hallowed space in the bones around the nose
  • ethmoid sinuses – located between the nose and the eyes

A soothing massage from the spa can help remove the toxins to help clear the blockage in your sinus. By focusing on the essential areas, your massage therapist can unblock the blockage and clear your nasal congestion.


It is the application of absolute pressure to a specific point in the body, like hands, feet, or ears. Reflexology is a healing tradition brought by ancient Chinese to address numbers of conditions. When it comes to treating sinus congestion, the reflexology points are located at the back of all ten toes. These points can be found quickly, and when they are being activated, they help soothe sinus pain. Also, the balance, energy and harmony of the nasal passages can be restored through reflexology. Overall, it can help you feel better.

Aside from reflexology, therapists also apply acupressure to get effective results. This is beneficial, especially if you are suffering from chronic sinusitis. The following points are the ones being activated by therapists:

  • Bridge of Nose – pressing this area will ensure good mucus drainage
  • Hollow point – a hollow space located at the back of the neck and applying pressure here can reduce congestion
  • Nostril edge – located on the cheeks, at the end of the nostrils; this is an enormous pressure point as it results in better breathing
  • Base of the skull – applying pressure on this part can help relieve common cold, headaches and nose blockage
  • Upper outside chin – ensure blood flow to the ears and sinuses
  • Collar bone – the hollow area right below the collar bone; gives a boost to the immunity and provides relief from a sinus infection

Do you always suffer from sinus congestion? Then going to the spa for the above treatments might be useful for you.  Getting one or may these three treatments will surely help you feel better.